This Derm Thinks You Should Cool It On The Social Media Skin Care Trends

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You heard it here first, folks: Social media is ripe for misinformation. Just kidding, we know that message is pretty consistently espoused (and proven). It’s true for all areas of content, skin and beauty included.

And in this episode of Clean Beauty School, I chatted with board-certified Kavita Mariwalla, M.D., a skin care practitioner who is effortlessly reasonable, accessible, and thoughtful. In the episode, we talked about why we all get so sucked up in overcomplicated routines filled with buzzy (and questionable) products or treatments.

The first social media trend that needed to be evaluated? Well, overcomplicating our skin care routine, of course.

Trend: Overdone skin care routines.

If you spend a good chunk of time on Instagram or TikTok (hi), you’re sure to walk away thinking you need to add at least a dozen more steps and a tool or two to your beauty lineup. But as Mariwalla reminds us, your skin does a pretty good job of caring for itself—without excessive interference from you. “Remember, your skin is a living, breathing organ, and it wants to renew itself. It does a good job at that if you just let it be,” she says.

Skin anatomy aside, there’s also a practical end to this: An overcomplicated skin routine isn’t sustainable for most of us day in and day out.

“My skin care philosophy is about meeting the person where they are at that point in their life; what you can do as a 25-year-old and what you can do as a 30-year-old with a newborn are very different things,” she says. “It’s not about if you theoretically should use a 10-step routine, because if you can only manage two steps, why are we talking about the other eight? It’s about being practical.”