3 Daily Beauty & Wellness Tips From Supermodel Emily DiDonato

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For supermodel Emily DiDonato, staying in the beauty loop is just part of her job. “Coming from the industry that I’m in, I used to have a ‘more is more’ mentality for a long time. Any time anyone recommended a product to me, I would buy it and add it to my routine. I would have eight, nine, 10, sometimes 12 steps in my routine all at once. I thought I was doing everything right: I have access to experts and I was using all the expensive products, but my skin would still struggle,” she says.

But now, as she’s entering new endeavors—like content creation, a new business, and, well, motherhood—she’s starting to realize her most trusted beauty habits are the simple ones: “If you keep it simple, stick to it, and be consistent, your skin will thank you.”

In this episode of Clean Beauty School, I chat with DiDonato about her best beauty tips, what she eats to stay healthy, our mutual love of therapy, and how she manages burnout. Check out the entire episode for all her sage advice, but for some quick beauty hits—here are her must-haves: