Spoil Yourself and Your Pets This Holiday Season

a woman taking a picture of a dog

‘Tis the season to spoil your pet! For those of us who treat our fur babies like the royals they are, the holiday season is the purrfect time to overindulge them. Even though we give them a lot of love throughout the year, it is nice to shower our dog or cat with a bit of extra attention. So let’s gather up some festive goodies to spoil our beloved pets of all shapes and sizes. You may already be thinking of some options for both of you as you start to compile a list. Below are a couple of ideas for any pet lover to get you started.


If your pet loves a good brain teaser, try looking for a puzzle feeder. This item is a great idea to stimulate any pet’s brain and keep them on their toes. A puzzle feeder can also make mealtime fun again. Most feeders are usually a maze or some sort of mental challenge that will help reduce boredom. The puzzle will also encourage your pet to eat more slowly, which is great if your friend gained a few extra pounds from their holiday indulgences.

A new toy seems like the perfect idea for any canine companion who prefers to get out and about, even when they may have a basket full already. You will need to grab your new PowerStep insoles to keep up with all the fun as they run about. This is the perfect time to treat yourself to a new insole for any type of footwear you own. By investing in a new pair of shoes with great insoles, you will be able to get the right fit that will enable you to keep up with your fur baby. The pinnacle of creative gift-giving would be to try to match the new toy with your new athletic shoes! You and your dog will now be able to run in comfort and style while out and about.


If food is the fastest way to your pet’s heart, there are various advent calendars to choose from. Each calendar comes packed with treats and toys. The countdown can really have your furry friend feeling a part of the festivities. There are also healthy options that are fresh and pure with simple, high-quality ingredients. This is also another great chance to spoil yourself with a fancy calendar of your own. The nightly ritual of opening each door will bond you and your pet.


If you are in the market for a cute cardboard condo for your cat, look no further, as Cardboard Cat Homes offer some wonderful options. The cardboard homes are lightweight and will soon become your favorite feline’s most loved spot in the entire house. As most cat owners know, cats just can’t help but love a cardboard box. These cat condos are designed to the highest standards and have incredible durability, even for the fussiest of cats. The best news is the cardboard is easy to assemble with only six cardboard surfaces that feel like tree bark. Gone are the days of your cat scratching up the couch as they enjoy their new terrain.

For your favorite dog, why not check out a faux llama throw that you can both use to keep you warm or a swanky memory foam dog bed? Your canine companion will sleep better thanks to its orthopedic foam layers. This type of bed is ideal for senior dogs. Fido’s little snores will be proof enough that they love the gift. While you’re at it, you could think about spoiling yourself with some new pillows. Everyone will be a winner.

There’s no doubt that your pet made Santa’s or Hanukkah Harry’s nice lists this year, so you might as well get all the ideas you can to make it a pawsome new year and holiday season.

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