A Cheat Sheet for Nailing the Perfect Destination Proposal

a man and woman sitting on a rock with a body of water in the background

You’ve already done the hardest part: you’ve found The One. Congratulations! You’re one step closer to your happily ever after. Now for the next step: getting the “yes!” you’ve been waiting for. Whether you’re just starting to consider if a destination proposal is right for you or you’re deadset on taking your dream trip to pop the question, there are a few factors you’ll want to consider as you plan and pull off the perfect destination proposal.

Plotting the Perfect Spot


If you’re thinking about a destination proposal, chances are you have a place (or a few) in mind already. Whether it’s a place with sentimental meaning or one the two of you have always wanted to visit, choosing the right spot is absolutely key to nailing your destination proposal. This applies to not just the general definition (the city or space where you’ll be proposing) but to the more specific determinations. If you want to propose in Paris, would the Eifel Tower or Shakespeare and Company be a better fit?

Picking the Perfect Ring


There’s more to your love than the material ways you show it but that doesn’t change the fact that the perfect ring is key to the perfect proposal. Consider your partner’s preference: what sort of a ring would they be comfortable wearing every day? Look at websites of brands like Agape Diamonds to compare different styles of ring, or even alternatives—if your loved one isn’t a fan of wearing rings, perhaps a diamond tennis bracelet or engagement pendant might be a better piece of engagement jewelry for them.

It’s important to keep your budget in mind, too (more on that below), as well as the company from which you buy your ring. Consider an ethically sourced or conflict-free stone to minimize the negative environmental and moral impact of your purchase. And, of course, be sure to pick a reputable company that guarantees your satisfaction. Read through an Agape Diamonds review (or several) before purchasing for reassurance that you’re making the right choice.

Preparing the Perfect Budget


Working within a budget doesn’t mean you need to skimp on the quality of your proposal. You can have a wonderful trip with a beautiful ring without breaking the bank! When it comes to travel, be sure to prioritize the parts that are most important to you both.

If your destination is notoriously expensive, consider a budget-friendly method of transportation, like an RV, to get you there. Determined to have a fancy hotel suite to celebrate your engagement? Look into a less expensive place to do do so. The same is true of the ring itself. If you love the look of a diamond engagement ring but not the price, consider a simulated diamond for a synthetic alternative with the same level of beauty and shine.

Planning for the Not-So-Perfect Parts


As the famous Benjamin Franklin quote implies, failing to plan might as well be planning to fail. Realistically, though, even problems will arise no matter how well you try to prepare. Remind yourself that a little difficulty is to be expected, and try to let it help you to appreciate the better moments. Even more good news? You can prepare some backup plans in advance for the best possible proposal.

Driving across the United States in an RV to reach the perfect proposal site? Consider purchasing an extended warranty for RV concerns such as the possibility of mechanical failure. Worried about something happening to the ring in your travels? Look into jewelry insurance for some added peace of mind. Warranties, service plans, and various types of insurance might add to your overall travel expenses, but they can ensure you—and your proposal—are covered no matter what.

With a bit of effort, you can nail every aspect of your perfect destination proposal, from the ring to the travel. Take a deep breath and remember how much you love your partner. No matter where you are, what sort of jewelry is in your hand, or what might have gone wrong along the way, your proposal can be the first step to a lifetime of happiness.

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