4 Easy Ways to Explore Your Libido

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If you’re full of pent-up energy and need to find the right sexual release, it’s probably time that you started to explore your sex drive a little more in-depth. Of course, it’s also important to stay safe and healthy by practicing social distancing. So if you can’t get physically intimate, what are you supposed to do?

Luckily, from adult chat rooms to high-quality HD videos, there are plenty of ways to entice your libido from a safe, smart distance.

1. Try a sex chat.

If you want the feeling of intimacy without breaking your social distancing rules, this is the perfect outlet for you. The biggest benefit? All you need is your mobile device. Mobile video sex chat and cam chat are becoming more and more popular these days. Mobile sex chat is the ideal way to connect with a cam girl or guy and explore some of your hidden fantasies.

Webcam models are always 18 years of age and are pros when it comes to living sex chat. The only rule is you have to be respectful. Especially if you’re on a webcam show with others in the audience, don’t spam comments or you may find yourself booted by a moderator. Unlike phone sex, free live sex cams and video chat give you the chance to really interact and visualize the fantasy. If you’re feeling bold, give out a donation and a request in the chat room. You never know what might happen.

2. Watch some new videos.

With the biggest database of free porn movies a Google search away, you can easily find some new porn videos to stimulate all of your senses. This is another great way to experiment with your sexual side. Instead of going for an old favorite, try some new categories, and search terms.

For many, porn videos are the best way to experiment with new fantasies without physical commitment. It’s your chance to see where your wants and desires take you. Plus, since there are porn videos in just about every genre, category, and subgenre known to mankind, you’re more likely than not to find exactly what you’re looking for. Just be careful: If you’re using free sites, check their terms of use, privacy policy, and use of cookies. You don’t want to wrack your computer with a horrible virus.

3. Experiment with roleplaying.

If you’re lucky enough to be with a partner or spouse, this is a great way to spice things up. For instance, one of you could play the role of a professor and the other could pretend to be a young student from U.S.C. One of you could be an army soldier and the other could be the helpless bystander they rescued.

The key to a lot of sexual roleplaying is an open mind and a willingness to submit to different power fantasies. Most roleplaying involves someone in power and someone who is more submissive. While you don’t have to go to the extreme, you can still try some light roleplaying that lets you fulfill your deepest dreams.

4. Get to know your body.

When you’re craving a bit of sexual healing, do you go directly to what you like or do you take your time? Many adults seem to have a “routine” of sorts that they always follow. The next time you’re ready for a bit of a release, give yourself an added five minutes. Take your time. Explore your body with purpose and intent. You never know if you’ll find a touch that you like or a caress that feels amazing. In fact, there are a variety of products out there to help you out. Whether you’re interested in trying an all-natural male enhancement supplement, learning how to ejaculate more, or finding the male G-spot, there’s definitely a resource hub for it online.

What’s more? According to the NHS, there’s an association between ejaculating frequently and a lower chance of getting prostate cancer. Although this tidbit of info isn’t 100 percent guaranteed to save your life, it’s worth looking into. Especially for men who are reaching their golden years.

At the end of the day, exploring your libido needs to be fun above all else. If something isn’t working, ditch it. If something is, incorporate it more. From a mobile sex chat with a moderator to some enhanced self-love, there are all sorts of ways to find a new avenue for your sexual energy.

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