Tips for Creating the Perfect En Suite Bathroom

a bathroom with a mirror

Creating the perfect en suite bathroom is really about creating the perfect bathroom for you, so there is no right or wrong way to do it as long as a result is exactly what you were hoping for. That being said, it isn’t easy sometimes to know exactly what you want. You’re looking for a certain feel or atmosphere within your bathroom that you can’t describe, but you know it when you feel it.

If you need inspiration, a great way to narrow down what you want is to go through home magazines and tear out pictures of bathrooms you like without deciding what you like about it. Just tear out the image and put it in a folder. Once you have a good stack of photos, lay them all out to look at them all together. When you do this, you’ll be able to identify themes throughout the images of bathroom features you are drawn to.

When deciding on the bathroom details, keep the following tips in mind.

Don’t limit yourself by the location of the plumbing.


Just because your shower is located where it is located doesn’t mean it needs to stay there. You can rearrange the bathroom any way you see fit to create what you’ve envisioned. You can find plumbers in Fresno or wherever you live who can move the plumbing around to make the layout that you want to work in the space you have for the bathroom. Moving the plumbing may create a mess or make the renovation project more extensive and expensive than you initially planned. However, when creating a perfect en suite bathroom, you need to take the extra steps to make it truly perfect.

Don’t cut costs when it comes to the bathtub and shower.


Companies like Lux Bath out of Pittsburg work with homeowners to create the bathroom of their dreams. They can take any ordinary bathroom and turn it into a mini-spa. When it comes to the bathroom, the shower and bathtub are the central features, or they should be. When planning the bathroom renovation, you may need to cut costs on certain things to stay within your budget, but the shower and bathtub should not be the items you cut costs on. Think about how much time you will be spending in that shower and tub. You want them to be comfortable, convenient, and easy to clean.

Don’t settle for things that don’t bring you joy.


You should feel joy while in your en suite bathroom. It is a part of your personal space, and you don’t want a space that makes you feel tense or not relaxed. Choose colors, fixtures, features, and lighting that bring calm joy. You want to be able to relax in this space and feel at home. Choose art and decorations that bring you joy and go with the colors and feel of the space. Make sure you get your personality and spark of creativity into the space. Create a room that you’ll be proud to show friends and family when they visit.

Work with your contractor to create the space to be perfect for you. You don’t need to know precisely how it will come together or how much work is involved. If you have contractors you trust, you can sit down with them and explain what you want the result to be, and they will provide ideas on how to make it a reality. When meeting with your contractor, be prepared to make decisions about colors, fixtures, and lighting, as they will need to put in orders to have everything ready when the project starts.

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