I’m A Parenting Expert & Here Are The Tips I’m Giving Every Parent This School Year

This school year, it’s time to color outside the lines. Not only did the last year mean huge restrictions for kids, but even before that, the increasing use of social media, extracurriculars, competitive schooling, and more means kids have felt the mounting pressure to do well and fit in. And we think this year, back-to-school should be less about getting back to normal—and more about embracing the joy of doing things your own unique and colorful way.

What effect will the delta variant have on our children’s school year? Will masks continue, and if so, will they negatively affect children socially? With the return to in-person school in many states or continued social distance, we as adults are exhausted and besieged by worry and anticipation, yet we do our best to put on a brave face to prepare our children for another back to school “non-normal” semester.

Social distancing’s impact on your child.

Of course, we need to keep our children, families, and one another safe. Given this, social distancing has been a necessity in many cases—even if it comes with some drawbacks for child development.

Children have missed milestones and experiences that are needed to prepare them for new horizons. The preschooler or the kindergartner who will be entering first grade will not have learned key instructions such as how to walk through halls with their hands by their sides.

Some children now avoid social encounters despite having begged for playdates over the past 18 months. Others seem content to wear their PJs as attire, while others struggle with the transition between activities because recent life did not require a shift from the Lego tower to math class.

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