How To Have Fun With Your Children Year-Round

a group of children jumping in the air

There is no limit to the fun you can have with your kids regardless of the time of year. Changes in the weather allow you to get creative and give your children fun options that are not available all year. Here are ideas to have fun with your kids all year long.



A floating pool umbrella will make pool time even more relaxing and fun for everyone. You can also get a variety of flotation devices in the shapes of their favorite animals and foods. You can play various pool games, including volleyball, chicken, Marco Polo, and dive sticks. This allows you to have fun with your kids while strengthening their swimming skills for their safety and getting them outside when they may otherwise be watching TV or playing video games.

Summer is also the perfect time for sports, picnics, and watching the stars. You can lay out in your yard at night and have a star-watching party with your kids. You can camp out in the yard or go to a campground. You can teach your kids how to build a fire and then cook smores together.



Spring is perfect because by the time it arrives, your kids will be ready for nice weather, and you will be ready to let them run wild outside. Spring is an excellent time for hiking to see all the new flowers popping up, leaves coming back to the trees, and wildlife getting active again. Spring is a great time to look for rainbows, play in puddles, and get crafty.

You can take your kids kayaking if you live near a water source, and it’s a great time to travel along the water edge. Spring is also the perfect time to start getting a garden ready with your kids, so they can have the joy of helping harvest the fresh vegetables as they grow.



Rent a portable ice rink for your yard. You can teach your kids how to ice skate, learn to play hockey together, or just have fun together. You’ll need a level surface on your property to set up the ice rink, and you may have to buy beginner ice skates for each member of the family. The ice rink could also be set up in a parking lot for a party if you don’t have room at your house for it.

You can also go for some traditional fun by sledding, building a snowman, or having a snowball fight. You can work together as a family to build an igloo in your yard, or you can make snow angels. What you plan for the winter months will depend on how old your children are and where you live. If you don’t get a lot of snow but get a lot of cold, the ice rink may be a perfect way to enjoy the winter months.



Fall is a great time to enjoy the outdoors. It isn’t too cold or too hot, and the trees changing makes everything beautiful to look at. You can go hiking and collect leaves and acorns. You can then use the items you collected to do an art project at home. You can make a wreath out of fallen leaves and fall flowers.

Fall is also an excellent time for traditional fall activities like apple picking, carving pumpkins, corn mazes, hayrides, making scarecrows, and getting ready for Halloween. You can put up holiday decorations with your kids and work some special effects into your Halloween displays. Fall is the perfect time for bonfires because the nights get cooler, so the fire feels fantastic, and then you can take turns telling scary stories.

Regardless of the season, you can find creative ways to have fun and spend time with your children.

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