What To Wear to a Professional Photo Shoot

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A professional photo shoot allows you to live that model fantasy, posing under expert lighting to get the right picture for your headshots or other professional pictures needed. When preparing to be on the other side of the camera lens, make sure that you’re not only dressed for success but dressed to make you look your best. Here are a few tips to keep in mind as you select outfits that will have you looking and feeling good.

Don’t be afraid to show off personal style.


If you’re looking to get a professional photo shoot completed, take the time to Google something like “studio rental in NYC” to explore options for photographers and sessions in your area. If this shoot is for a corporate publication, you want to look professional. However, professional doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to think about just color blocking. Bringing unique facets of yourself into the shoot actually demonstrates that you’re more approachable.

For ladies, a blouse and skirt or a suit jacket over a shift dress make a great option. However, knits and jersey fabrics in a color that makes you pop are just as viable an option. Scarves with a slightly decorative pattern also stand out and show off your taste. For men, the same goes for ties. Avoid stiff fabrics that can make you come across as stuffy when you’re posing for the photo.

Certain patterns just don’t photograph well.


Big patterns can be distracting. Mid-tone colors like purple, green, and blue are universally flattering. Bright colors aren’t a bad thing but should be counteracted with a jacket over them. Lighter colors are ideal on that color palette. If you’re opting for a personal photo shoot, try to avoid clothing that wrinkles easily. Women’s denim offers flexibility, as premium denim has some stretch, allowing for physical poses that aren’t uncomfortable.

Skinny jeans are a great way to show off the tone in the legs and offer a personal comfort that helps you find a balance to be comfortable while being photographed. The best part is that jeans can pair with a lot more than just a T-shirt. Sweaters, suit jackets, sneakers, and high heels can also function with denim jeans for a better photograph.

Accessories are welcome.


Accessories can be a fun touch in photo shoots and are a great way to show off personal taste. However, you do need to be selective in the type of accessories you choose to wear. Anything that overwhelms the face, like a giant pair of earrings, may not be the best choice. If you commonly wear glasses, don’t hesitate to have them on in your pictures. It will make you more identifiable, especially if this is for a corporate photo shoot. Scarves, watches, and necklaces are a nice touch. They show off personal taste and can actually make for a conversation point when reviewing the photos with clients, photographers, or prospective agents.

Consider the fit and pose.


While you want to be comfortable in the clothes you’re wearing, you also don’t want to have too much room. Make sure that the clothes you bring fit you the best. The last thing you want is for shirts to look wrinkled or as if you are heavier than you are because of how much room is in the shirt when you’re sitting down. Be sure to consider the setup, whether you’re sitting or standing. Are the poses in action? You want to make sure that you not only have plenty of space to be able to express yourself in the photo shoot but also avoid becoming bunched up in your jacket or cardigan.

Use these tips to get the best photos possible.

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