What to Do While Waiting for a Cancer Diagnosis

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Waiting for a cancer diagnosis can be incredibly frightening. From the moment you found a lump, to the moment you went to the doctor, you’ve likely been anxious. Now, you have to wait for the final yes or no, and it can be incredibly difficult to know what to do. This will be one of the hardest waits of your life. It’s important to make room for your emotions while you wait but to still keep your emotions from getting the better of you. Don’t be afraid to ask for help if you’re feeling overwhelmed, and remember these simple tips for going forward.

Don’t Stay Still

As you wait to hear back, you’ll probably be tempted to stay home and panic. These are normal, very common feelings for anyone awaiting a diagnosis. Instead of sitting still, make sure you get up and keep moving. Take a walk. Go to a basketball game. Find something active and engaging to take your mind off of your situation. There’s nothing you can change until you know, so try not to worry too much. If you need to call on your friends and have someone come over, don’t be afraid to ask. If you live alone, a quiet evening could be the worst possible thing while you wait. Stay moving. Do anything you’d do on a normal day.

Keep Planning Ahead

As you wait to hear, you might be tempted to stop planning altogether. While you wait for a diagnosis, it can feel like the end of your life is hovering above your head. You don’t want to make future plans, since it brings to mind the possibility of not being there. Start small, like planning what you’ll make for dinner tomorrow. Make a date to see a friend over the weekend. As much as you can, keep behaving as though life were normal. This will help keep you grounded. Don’t let fear keep you stagnant.

Make Life Adjustments

If your diagnosis comes back negative, and you’re cancer-free, your relief will be immense. You probably won’t be content, however, to go back to the way life was before. You may want to make some lifestyle and diet changes to reduce your risk of developing cancer in the future. Some simple cancer prevention methods include avoiding smoking and getting more exercise. Since excess weight puts you at risk for certain types of cancers, you may want to commit to a weight loss routine. Hydroxy elite and other supplements can help you lose weight more easily and promote your peace of mind.

Don’t Accept Defeat

Even if your diagnosis comes back positive, and you do have a form of cancer, that doesn’t mean your fight is over. Cancer can be beaten, especially if it’s caught early. All across the nation, from California to New Jersey state-of-the-art treatments and cancer care services are available. Don’t frighten yourself by looking into statistics and worse case scenarios, but remember that, even with bad news, you’ll be far from alone, and far from defeated.

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