This Is Why I Became A Health Coach & My Advice To Anyone Considering This Career

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I’ve always let my gut decide when it comes to the big stuff, and my journey toward becoming a dietitian and health coach is a great example of that.

Why I became a health coach.

As I talk about in my book, The Little Book of Game Changers, I ultimately gravitated toward a career in wellness because of my strong need to help people through my work.

At age 23, I started working as an office manager and copywriter for an acupuncturist. But shortly after starting, I realized I wanted to explore something beyond what my BFA in writing had taught me. It actually started with a very specific image I had of myself sitting in a room with a client, listening to them talk, and sharing something that helped them.

After reflecting on how helpful it had been for me to work with a dietitian when I was younger—I decided to study nutrition. I felt drawn to the idea of working in a hospital setting, and I craved the intricate knowledge of how food and nutrition status factor into health and well-being. This decision felt right.

My dietitian training provided excellent education in medical nutrition therapy—I loved feeling useful in the hospital and being part of a team. However, I also knew I wanted to do something outside of that world, so I started taking on a few private clients. I quickly found that for most people, understanding what foo