5 Bad Habits Everyone Should Quit

a person holding a sandwich

We all have unhealthy habits. It’s in human nature to run to certain things for comfort or relaxation, and most of the time, those things end up being unhealthy. Certain habits become life-threatening. Others are mild, but still a risk. All the following unhealthy habits should go, and we’re guessing you live with at least one of them! There’s no need to feel ashamed of your unhealthy habits, but you should work on cutting them out of your life. Once you do, you’ll be a much healthier person. You might even end up saving your life.

Too Much Television

Did you know that the average American watches 5 hours of TV a day? That’s every minute an adult spends not at work, eating, or running errands. While some of that TV time is background noise, that’s still a great deal of TV watched. TV is fascinating, relaxing, and a terrific way to enjoy stories, but it’s no substitute for real life. Make sure you limit your TV time, since too much TV can even have a negative effect on your brain.


When you smoke, you damage your lungs. Even if you get through life without lung cancer, you may still struggle with that damage. It’s harder to climb stairs, go running, and live an active life. Try to cut smoking out of your life for good. You can start by switching to vapes and some of the more popular brands such as naked e juice. While vaping still isn’t healthy, it’s much better for your lungs than smoking, and you can use it as a launching pad as you quit.

Drinking Too Much

Most of us enjoy a drink now and again, but heavy alcohol consumption is dangerous to our health. Besides damaging your liver, alcohol can harm your heart, affect your immune system, and even put you at risk for certain cancers. Don’t take chances with a bad alcohol habit. If you drink more than a few times a week, it’s too much. See professionals if you need to and try an alcohol detox. Your body will thank you.

Eating Fast Food

Fast food is fun. It’s also quick and inexpensive, and if you’re running from work to rehearsal, or hurrying across the country, a McDonalds sandwich can seem like your best choice. You’re just trying to enjoy hot food and not break your bank! Fast food is processed, however, and it’s bad for your body. If you eat it often, try to break the habit.

Getting Sunburned

It’s summer, and we all take this season as an opportunity to get tan. While the occasional sunburn won’t kill you, a few sunburns every summer could damage your skin in the long run, or even lead to skin cancer. Don’t let sunburns become a habit. Don’t get those three or four sunburns this year: do what your mom always wanted and slather on the sunscreen.

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