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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When is the right time to consider hospice?

A. At any time during a life-limiting illness, it's appropriate to discuss all of the treatment options available, including hospice. Our staff members are always available to talk about hospice care with family members and your physician to determine the right time for you.

Q. How many family members does it take to care for a patient at home?

A. There's no set number. One of the first things our hospice team will do is prepare an individualized plan of care that will address the amount of caregiving a patient needs. Our staff will visit regularly and are always accessible to answer questions and provide support.

Q. Is home the only place hospice care can be delivered?

A. No. Patients can live in nursing homes, assisted living centers or at our hospice residence and still receive hospice care.

Q. Is there any special equipment or changes I have to make in my home before hospice care begins?

A. Our staff will assess your needs and recommend any necessary equipment. We'll discuss your options and arrange to have what you need delivered to your home.

Q. Will insurance pay for hospice care?

A. In most cases yes. Porter Hospice accepts Medicare and many private insurances. Our health benefit advisors will help you determine what your insurance will cover.

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