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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What criteria do I need to meet to qualify for home care services?

A. In addition to having a physician's referral, you need to have a safe home environment to provide care in, and be a willing patient. Medicare patients must also be homebound, meaning that it requires considerable and taxing effort to leave home.

Q. How often will a nurse come to visit me?

A. Centura Health at Home will work closely with your physician to develop a treatment plan that meets your needs. And it may not always be a nurse who comes to help you.

Q. Who other than a nurse might come to my home?

A. In addition to skilled nursing care, Centura Health at Home offers the following services:

  • Physical, occupational and speech therapy for rehabilitation programs.
  • Certified nursing aides for help with personal care like bathing and meal preparation.
  • Social workers to help you find community resources for additional help.
  • Nondenominational chaplains to visit with you about spiritual issues. 

Q. Will insurance cover the cost of my treatment?

A. In most cases yes. Centura Health at Home accepts Medicare and many private insurances. Our health benefit advisors will help you determine if your insurance will pay for the cost of care.

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