• Requirements for Hospice Care

  • To be admitted to Hospice you must meet the following criteria:

    • Your physician has determined you are in the last stages of a terminal illness
    • You reside in our service area
    • You agree with the goals of comfort care

    Hospice Benefits Under Medicare

    Since 1983, the Medicare (Part A) hospital insurance program has included hospice care as a benefit available to participants. People who have a terminal illness can choose to receive palliative and/or comfort care - that is, medical and support services for their illness while continuing to live in their homes or other appropriate settings.

    When the patient elects the hospice benefit, the patient waives the right to standard Medicare benefits for all of the services related to his or her terminal illness. Medicare will continue to make payments to the attending physician for services if the physician is not a hospice employee.

    Benefit Periods

    The Medicare Hospice Benefit is divided into benefit periods. These consist of two 90-day periods, followed by an unlimited number of 60-day periods. They must be used in the above order. Hospice care is considered continuous from one period to another unless you choose to revoke the benefit or you are discharged. A hospice may discharge an individual when a patient stabilizes with no signs of serious clinical decline or if the patient is not in the service area.

    Revocation of the Hospice Benefit

    You may elect to revoke (end) the hospice benefit at any time by filing a signed statement with the hospice. This may be necessary if you choose to pursue another course of treatment or simply decide you do not want to be in a hospice program.

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