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    Many health services can be provided in the comfort of your home when a condition makes it difficult for you to leave the house. Centura Home Health can be there to meet your individual needs and help you regain as much of your lifestyle as possible.

    Upon leaving a hospital, a discharge planner or home care coordinator should speak to you about your needs for follow-up care in the home. Or, your physician may determine that home care services would meet your needs better than being admitted into a facility. Either way, the professionals at Centura Home Health will work with you and your physician to determine the specific goals of your care and implement a care plan to help achieve those outcomes.

    A registered nurse (RN) can provide skilled care, such as wound care, medication monitoring, disease and nutrition education, and administration of IV medications, or set you up with telehealth services. A lot of time is spent teaching both the patient and family about the individual's condition and what they can do themselves to best accommodate their lifestyle.

    Physical, occupational and speech therapists can provide rehabilitative exercise programs; teach appropriate use of medical equipment and safety measures, in addition to ensuring the home environment doesn't pose any hazards. Regaining strength and range of motion so that you can return to the activities of daily life are common goals for the therapy care plan.

    Medical social workers can assist in connecting you with community resources for additional help.

    Your physician, who can determine if this type of care is appropriate, must order home health 

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